Ferns 4 Ways

How to style your ferns ~ 4 Ways (And keep them alive!!)

We’re a teeny bit obsessed with ferns and any of you that have visited us instore would agree its hard to miss the beautiful big Macho ferns that line our ceiling.
Ferns have enormous impact when it comes to achieving maximum jungly vibes so styling the shop without them is not even an option.

These beautiful, big, shaggy plants were huge in the 70’s so we often associate them with fond memories of our Mum’s or Nanna’s house. They’ve received a bit of a bad wrap over the years for their high maintenance nature but like any plant its about replicating their native environment to help them stay strong and healthy.

So! Here’s our top tips to keeping your ferns looking lush…..followed by 4 fab ways to style these beauties in your home.


  • Find the right spot. Despite what some people think…these guys need a lot of light! A bright position away from hot arvo sun and little morning sun won't hurt either. 

  • Watering. Be sure to keep the soil slightly damp at all times. They don’t like to dry out so make sure you either give your fern a small amount every day or a good drench once a week. They have a heavy root system so make sure they get a good soak all the way through.

  • Humidity. Most of the fern species are tropical so they will appreciate being misted regularly or placed on a pebble tray inside the pot, topped up with water. Beware of heating vents in winter….they will end up very dry and crispy if copping direct air.

  • Feed them. Feed them regularly with a fern appropriate fertiliser. We use Munash Soil Food and Foliage Spray every 2 months to keep them super green and lush.


We often associate ferns with hanging plants which can be quite limiting these days with apartment living and rentals where hanging and drilling is out of the question. And sometimes…we just don’t have a handyman in our lives to make this option easy so ferns can tend to end up in the ‘too hard’ basket.

There are so many other fun options when it comes to styling these beauties and here we bring you some of our favourite styling tips when we plant style these gems...along with a few of our favourite pots to make them shine!

1. SPRUCE YOUR SHELVES. Scatter ferns on your shelves for instant overhead jungly feels. Here, in my home, I've left them in their plastic growers pots to keep the weight down on my floating shelves and their fronds cover the pots anyway. Bonus.
Pic: My house ~  Read Design Files Feature


2. POT IT UP.  This is one of our favourite combo's and one of our biggest sellers instore. We love teaming ferns with our Angus & Celeste Raw Earth Planters. This combo is an absolute winner when height is required on a hallway console or end of a kitchen bench where you might normally have a vase and cut flowers. This beautiful planter (available in several colours) and our small Boston or 20cm Macho ferns are replacing vases everywhere! 

3. TAKE A STAND. Popping ferns on a low table or plant stand allows us to really show off the true beauty of these plants. Their pattern and texture from above are stunning! Sometimes we need a big hit of green in a corner where nothing else will fit or to add life amongst the furniture and hard edges in a lounge room.
Pictured left: Try our Bendo Plant stands $88
Pictured right: Double Kingston rattan plant stand $249


4. HANG IT. If you have the right ceilings, tools and help to hang them then go for it! Ferns overhead create the most wonderful hit of green and in instant feeling of calm and softness to any space. Giant ferns overhead....there's no quicker or better way to create an indoor jungle. 
Pic: My kitchen featuring my favourite giant Macho Fern :) 
See more of my plant filled home on The Design Files Feature here


So yes they are little more high maintenance than other plants when it comes to their watering regime but if you're ready to commit to the challenge then you will be rewarded ten fold!

If you need any advice on your ferns or would like to chat then hit this button! 

Thanks for reading!

INTO THE WILD x                               



July 23, 2019 — Marita McCausland