How the F*ck do you keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive - By Monty Diamond

So I had a little moment in the shop the other day, going about my business selling plants and stuff, you know, just another day in plant paradise, when a lovely lady walked in looking to buy a fern.

It only took a sec before I recognised her voice and then did that whole embarrassing thing you regret later..., "Monty Diamond! Oh I'm such a huge fan!" Which I am, a massive one. Whilst we're on that even allowed? To call out a celebrity to their face when they are just going about their day and most probably just want a moment of peace. What's the etiquette there? Play it cool? Pretend not to recognise them? Ah well, too late now! 

So I literally listen to Monty's show, 'The 3pm Pick Up' on Nova every day on way to school pick up. I hold this lady solely responsible for turning me in to 'that' annoying Mum that's constantly late as I hate missing the end of her hilarious segments. Always talking the taboo topics! Love it.

Anyway moving on...we got chatting about plant care and in particular the god damn Fiddle Leaf Fig. Argh, the age old question.....'How the F*uck do you keep a Fiddle Leaf Alive?' The vast majority of us who been game enough to try have struggled at some point right? Even being the plant lady I am...I'll put it out there and admit to a casualty or two in my time. More on that another day...

So long story short, we got chatting about Monty's blog post she wrote a couple of years back about the Fiddle and how it went off! I just wanted to share it with you because its a funny read and this lady is bloody great. 



September 06, 2019 — Marita McCausland