Plant Care 101 - The very basics

Basic Plant Care for your Indoor Garden

Ok, below are our TOP 5 plant care tips for new plant parents or anyone struggling to work out why their green babies aren't looking so crash hot!

It generally comes down to a light and water balance based on your plants needs. 


#1. Where do I come from? First things first. Work out your new plants’ origin/habitat and replicate it’s natural environment to help it thrive. Your plant will grow and respond to you and the conditions you provide. 

#2. Let there be light. Ensure your plant is placed in the right position based on its light requirements, i.e. is it a desert dwelling sun lover (cacti) or a rainforest shady guy (fern). Plants get their food from the sun and require different levels of light based on the way they have evolved. 

Window light/heat  **Plants should never be placed in direct sun behind a window**

  • North = brightest light
  • South = lowest
  • East = moderate
  • West = moderate & hottest

**also consider what is outside the window e.g. are any tall building or trees casting shadows and blocking light?**

#3. To water, or not to water. Points #1 & #2 will determine how often we water our plants along with some other factors such as pot size

  • Plants drink with their roots so must be soaked right through pot
  • Less natural light = less water and the opposite applies
  • Weight of pot (very light generally means time to water)
  • Soil pulling away from the sides means soil is too dry and time to water
  • Compacted soil, use skewer to aerate soil for proper water absorption
  • Water more in Spring and Summer (growing season). Roughly half the water in winter.
  • Water less in Winter when plants are dormant (be careful of indoor heat)
  • Warm/Tepid water preferred
  • Misting for humidity loving plants (tropical plants, figs, palms etc)

#4. Environment/Care. Indoor plants like stable conditions...just like we do. Be careful of cold drafts or excessive heat from a heater. Wipe the leaves to keep them free of dust and ensure nutrients can be absorbed through the light and to avoid stunted growth. Always trim dead/bruised/blemished leaves.

#5. Love. Check in with your plants every 3-4 days. Build a relationship and take the time to get to know them. They will love you for it.

Thanks for reading, any questions hit us up!



April 30, 2019 — Marita McCausland
Tags: Plant Care