We talk all things Leafy with Melbourne's Brad Canning

After a small hiatus we are back with our monthly 'Wild Ones' interview series where we chat to fellow plant-obsessed friends, idols and icons to get the low down on their impressive plant gang as well as the inside scoop on their best plant care tips. PLUS we get to snoop inside their plant filled homes and you get to come with us!

Kicking things off with a bang we chat to Melbourne's very own, Brad Canning of Leafy Lane...renowned for his incredible plant collection, awesome insta account and cute doggo 'Ralphie'. Oh and some of you might also know him as 'Avocado Guy' :)

Where is your plant-y oasis located? 
Melbourne, Australia.

Who lives here? 
I live here with my partner who’s name is also Brad, and our dog Ralphie.

Instagram handle/s - 
My business/main account is @leafy.lane and my personal account is @bradcanning.

What do you do by day?
I’ve just launched my own business which my goal is to be doing full time eventually, but at the moment my 9-5 job is as a campaign and social media manager.

Where has your love of plants and all that wonderful plant knowledge come from? 
I’ve always loved creating content online. I’ve been creating content for about 10 years now and when I started collecting plants, the two worlds collided. I was in a position where I wanted to learn more to help educate people, but be able to give advice to people in response to all the questions I receive too.

Your plant collection. How many are we talking?
I think there’s about 50 plants, but I don’t actually really count them haha.

Before we go into more about plants, tell us about your cute doggo, Ralphie. Does he take an interest in your plants at all? Did you have to train him not to nibble on them? 
Ralphie is the best. He’s a 5 year old boxer and the love of my life. He’s so sweet and has never touched any of my plants ever which is amazing. He’s always grown up with plants around and he’s very well behaved.

We see on Insta you are really into growing Avocados too. Tell us more about this little obsession and why you love it.
The obsession started with me trying to grow one with the classic way that is plastered all over the internet with the toothpicks and failing. I would see so many awesome photos of them growing and the only way to grow them online wasn’t working for me. I stumbled across this other method somewhere and gave it a go, and it worked soooo much faster and I knew I was onto something. So I did what I do best and started creating videos about this process and it kind of blew up and now I'm known as the avocado guy which is weird and also cool too.

Can you share a bit about your newest venture?….Your gorgeous rain watering cans? What are they, how do they work and where can we get one?
I’ve always wanted to work for myself and have my own business and brand. When I started getting into plants, I knew I had found something I wanted to start myself. I’m a massive fan of design and interiors and knew that I wanted to mix both worlds of design and plants. The watering can I designed is based off a 16th century concept that I put my own spin on with shape, colour and finish. I saw something many years ago on tv of a large, bubble like terracotta version and it has never left my brain. It’s extremely unique and I knew I had to create my own version and design. I love that it has a shock factor and it’s left of centre. I love that its functional but it can also be displayed as art. This is definitely a direction I'm sticking with for future designs and products. They’re currently sold out but my ceramicist is working around the clock to get more made for me. They can be found on my website at www.leafylane.com.au.

Brad Canning

What is your number one tip when it comes to indoor plant care? 
Don’t overwater! Overwatering is the most common reason why people kill their plants. There isn’t one size fits all with plants so if you’re in the market for a plant, make sure you learn what it loves.

What’s next on your plant shopping list and why?  
Well the next thing I want to do is actually convert a beautiful cabinet into a plant greenhouse which will be a fun DIY project and video.

Advice for new plant parents…..what are you top 2 easy care plants for those starting out?
Read up on what the plant likes and make sure you buy a plant that fits your house light and humidity levels. If you have a lot of direct light and buy plants that don’t like direct light, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Favourite plant Instagram account/s you follow?  
@jamies_jungle always has massive plant inspo!

Anything else you’d like to add? 
I create videos online about houseplants, interiors and growing weird things like avocados, mangos, sweet potatoes and acorns. If you want to see more of me you can find me on TikTok @bradcanning, YouTube www.youtube.com/c/bradjackcanning and instagram at @leafy.lane or @bradcanning.

April 07, 2021 — Emily Deneys