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Only in Our Plant Dreams - The Ah-mazing Melbourne Home of Craig Milran

Posted on October 04 2019

Only in Our Plant Dreams - The Ah-mazing Melbourne Home of Craig Milran

Ok, so many of you may already know Craig from his super cool Insta account (if you don't you're missing out on serious green goodness!) and when it comes to plant styling, well lets just say it doesn't get much better than this!
Craig is a pretty exceptional guy. He is a master of style and somehow in-between tending to all these gorgeous green beauties...he's also the creative brains behind an amazing furniture business - MRD home. He shares a few clever secrets with us as to how he keeps his indoor jungle looking top notch!

Where is this plant heaven located?
I have a home in Richmond in Melbourne and one in Umalas in Bali.

Instagram handle -

What do you do by day?
I own a furniture & homewares company called MRD home @mrd_home and I’m the creative director.

Where did your love of plants come from?
My Father & Grandmother. My dad had a glasshouse full of orchids since I was a very young toddler and my grandmother was an avid gardener who encouraged me whenever she could.

Your plant collection. How many are we talking?
In Richmond about 270 plants and in Bali about 350 


What was your first plant?
A cattleya orchid my dad gave me when I was 4 years old, he wrote Craig’s Orchid on the pot.

Are we playing favourites?
This changes all the time, today it would be my large Philodendron Glorious but tomorrow it could be something else. Actually if there’s one plant that constantly takes my breath away and has since I was a teenager its Caladium candidum, nothing beats those translucent white and green leaves.

You travel quite a bit yes? How do you care for your plants when you’re away?
I’m blessed, I have a gardener and caretaker in Bali whom I have trained how to care for my collection and in Melbourne I have professional plant sitters called @little_eden_plantscapes who do a brilliant job while I’m away.

Let’s talk about watering… how do you manage to water all your plants?
This is an ongoing job that I do constantly, with so many plants they are needing water at all different times so I would water some plants every day. I water plants on totems in the sink so I can thoroughly wet the totem, really big totemised specimens I put in the shower and anything else is with a 9 lire watering can.


What would be your go-to plant recommendation for anyone looking to start their plant family and why? 
Monsteras, they are striking, on trend, and most are easy to grow and forgiving of low water & light etc.

Any really good care tips you can share with us?
Download a plant light meter app if you’re not sure about what kind of light your home has, place plants in the light they need and turn them regularly. Read lots of articles about plant care, I was an avid reader in my teens and learned a lot about potting, fertilising & general plant care etc.

What’s next on your plant wish list and why?
Philodendron Joepii pronounced Yoop ee eye because it’s a freak with the weirdest leaves and im looking for a large Anthurium waroqueanum because its just a stunner of a plant, oh and a Caladium candidum for Melbourne.

Favourite Instagram account/s you follow?

@acta_botanica - an amazing Brazilian plant nursery
@theplantydropper - great plants and cool white interior and she’s a character
@kunzo_n - amazing rare plants in japan
@hysteriagarden - cool caudiciforms in cooler pots
@plantgroundbloom - a great landscape company in L.A
@urlocalplantboy - Tylor’s enthusiasm and love for plants is infectious


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