The Great Wall

Alrighty plant-lovin' friends.....get ready for your plant printed socks to be blown right off! 

We have discovered the incredible home of Sarah Woodford and Brad Nicholls and let me tell you, these beautiful humans and their plant filled home have really raised the bar! How on earth are we going to find something better than this for our next Wild Ones feature? Eek! (Our problem not yours)

We chat to Sarah about how she keeps all her plant babies looking so damn fine!

Where is your plant heaven located?
Narre Warren North, Melbourne, Australia

Who Lives Here?
Me (Sarah Woodhouse) partner Brad Nicholls. Our kids, Tom (14) and Angus (9).
Plus our legendary doggo, Barney and guinea pig, Timmy (also a legend)....and the chooks. 😁

Instagram handle - 

What do you do by day? Tell us a bit about your business.
We started up our business Nicholls Design in 2005. We design and make timber furniture. Our business is on the same property as our home. 

When did your passion for plants come about and how?
When I moved out of home I started buying indoor plants and instantly loved the homely feel that they create. Brad and I are both outdoorsy people and have created a home that feels like you’re outside when indoors. 

Your plant collection. How many are we talking?
Nowhere near enough but way too many to count!! 😂


Let's talk about that plant wall for a minute…how did you go about building this?
The wall is made of rammed earth. We lost our house in a fire 8 years ago and the wall was all that was worth salvaging. I started to cover the ugly fire marks with plants and then the garden wall just slowly evolved. I just love having my morning coffee and gazing at it. Every year I have to hang the donkeys tail up higher before it touches the floor.

How much light does it get?
Heaps! Lots of winter sun. We have huge floor to ceiling windows right next to it.

How do you water the plants? 
All by hand climbing up and down a ladder putting buckets underneath to catch the drips. I water most of my plants once a week but have to do it over a few days otherwise I’d be watering all day! I've gotten to know each plant so well so I know how much water to tip on each one so it absorbs the water and it doesn't pool too much at the bottom of each pot.

What is your number one tip when it comes to indoor plant care?
Light and love. Most plants need a lot of light to thrive. Observation too. (Sorry that’s three tips!) Look at your plants every day. 

What’s next on your plant shopping list and why?
I’m always on the look out for anything unusual or fussy. Love the challenge of trying to keep a fussy plant alive. I also take a lot of cuttings from family and friends. 

Favourite planty Instagram account/s you follow?
I have so many but these less followed accounts are some of my faves....and I want to give them a shout out.


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August 15, 2019 — Marita McCausland