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Congo Plant Bundle
Congo Plant Bundle
Congo Plant Bundle
Congo Plant Bundle
Congo Plant Bundle

Congo Plant Bundle




Philodendron Rojo Congo 30cm / RRP $99
Mother in Law Tongue 20cm / RRP $60
Birds Nest Fern 12cm / RRP $22

Pedra Pot Large / RRP $100
On the Side Pink Terrazzo Pot Medium / RRP $60
Milk & Sugar Sawyer Grey Pot Small / RRP $35

Milk & Sugar Iris White Pot Stand Tall / RRP $45

The perfect combination of plants, pots, colours, textures and heights. We've done the hard work for you deciding on the plants and pots, now you just have to decide where to put them in your home.

Cluster the three together for the perfect amount of greenery, of even scatter the three in different parts of your home to spread the lush jungle vibes around.


Philodendron Congo Imperial Green - One of our absolute favorite house plants for its thick, green, glossy leaves. A nice bright, warm room is where this one will thrive. No direct sun and water when top half of soil in pot is dry. Low maintenance and maximum impact.

Mother in Law TongueAlso known as the 'Snake Plant' this is one of the toughest house plants going around.  It will withstand almost any light condition from bright to low and are one of the best air purifiers when it comes to plants. You're biggest enemy here will be water. Keep 'em dry! Only water when soil is completely dry all the way through the pot.

Bird's Nest Fern - A large full leaf fern providing maximum greenery. Keep soil slightly damp, but not wet and soggy. These guys don't like to dry out too much. Bright, filtered light is best and will enjoy some mild morning sun too, but not a necessity. Avoid watering in the centre of the fern as this can cause the plant to rot. 

*Note: Plants shown are an indication only and may not be the actual plants you receive. We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our plants so rest easy yours will be just as fabulous. 

We deliver to Melbourne metro and surrounding suburbs. Please get in touch to discuss delivery outside the postcodes listed.