INTO THE WILD was launched in April 2016 after my long standing love of plants and interiors finally got the better of me. I had a wonderful 15 career in print and paper and I loved it, I really did. But for me there was always something missing. I had always felt this desire, from a very young age, to have my own business. To create something from scratch, doing something that I truly loved as my hobby. 

I studied Photograghy at uni for 3 years after high school but I never quite knew after that exactly what I wanted to do with this new skill. So I travelled for a while and then found myself taking up a new direction in the Printing Industry. Mum and Dad owned a garden centre for 15 years in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne so my love of plants has been there from day dot, as was taking photos. Growing up surrounded by nature, two amazing and very creative sisters and parents who always ran their own business (multiple ones)....everything has lead me to this point. Plants. Beautiful plants enhancing beautiful homes.

I love my home. I have 2 little girls and one very supportive husband and my passion for interiors has grown over the years creating a little sanctuary for us surrounded by things I love. Indoor plants have been the overwhelming thing, that visually, truly make our house a home. Every room is drenched in plants and without them it feels sad, bare and empty. Our little jungle house is ever changing as plants are rotated, moved around and swapped out and they make our house feel comfortable and relaxed. They are also the quickest, easiest (and often the cheapest) way to spruce up a dull space!

Recognising this inherit connection with plants to interiors, and an absolute frustration of never being able to find the perfect plant and pot in the one place...I started approaching homeware stores and soon found myself with stockists all over Melbourne. I starting sourcing beautiful, healthy plants from Melbourne's local growers and suppliers and delivering plants in to homeware stores and matching them with their gorgeous pots in-store as a perfect ready-made combo. Suddenly I had a business. 

I soon started my online store selling plants and pots and soon after followed my home plant styling service which gave me wonderful insight into peoples homes and lives and how it really was changing the way people felt about their space. Plants have an incredible power to make us feel happy.

Two years down the track I knew I had to open a store, be more accessible and share my love of plants and interiors with my fellow plant lovers. So here we are. 

Come share the plant love. Be inspired, spruce your space, adopt a new green baby or buy that perfect growing gift for a friend. 

We look forward to meeting you at our new Hampton store.

Marita x