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Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent
Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent

Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent


Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent 20cm pot diameter 
Botanical name ~ senecio serpens 

Bright filtered light. Ideal as an outdoor plant - morning sun and afternoon shade. Indoors - Very bright filtered light position with some sun. 

This would be great as a front door step plant, on balconies and indoor/outdoor patio and entertaining areas.

Water every few weeks or once dry all the way through the pot. Succulents are drought tolerant and love to be dry. 

Evergreen Collective Mio Pot Large Moss / $75
Dimensions: 19cm tall x 20cm diameter. Pot contains a drainage hole with a plug
*Best fit a 20cm plastic growers pot

*Note: The plant shown is an indication only and may not be the actual plant you receive. We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our plants so rest easy yours will be just as fabulous.