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Philodendron cordatum + Wilder Pot

Philodendron cordatum + Wilder Pot


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Philodendron cordatum 17.5cm pot diameter / RRP $45

Milk & Sugar Wilder Pot Small White / RRP $30
15cm high x 19cm diameter

The Philodendron cordatum, like the Devil's Ivy, is an easy care indoor plant and fairly fast growing when placed in the right conditions. They have a really beautiful and soft heart shaped leaf and look great in hanging baskets, trailing off a bookshelf or trained to grow along a wall - the possibilities are kind of endless.

The Philodendron cordatum will grow and be very happy in bright indoor filtered light positions but also do well in a lower light. Water when the top third of the soil feels dry on top. Water all the way through.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication only and may not be the actual plant you receive. We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our plants so rest easy yours will be just as fabulous.