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Plant Mama Neem Oil
Plant Mama Neem Oil

Plant Mama Neem Oil


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Neem oil is what we like to call here at Plant Mama the: Pest Nectar from the Plant Gods. It is both a natural and organic fungicide and a pesticide. Whilst this oil has numerous purposes outside of the horticulture field, it also can assist with some of your gardening nightmares - and we are here to help!

Our 100ml electric blue glass bottles are filled with pure, cold pressed, certified organic Neem oil.  This concentrate can be mixed to form both a pest spray and a watering solution and is  also perfect for creating a natural leaf shine formula. The solution mix does its work by interfering with the normal life cycle of certain plant pests by stopping the feeding, mating and laying of fresh eggs. The oil works to reduce the insects feeding but also works as a repellent.

Neem oil is non-toxic and safe to use around household pets. Whilst it’s also non-toxic to humans, it is not to be ingested. ALWAYS test patch some Neem on your selected plants leaf 24 hours before treating, to ensure that it can tolerate the solution.

Each bottle will create 20L of pest solution mix, and we purposely have chosen our oil to be housed in (beautiful) glass bottles so that we can refill them and help keep plastics out of our environment. Alternatively you can use our bottles for propagation vessels or many other creative uses.